Tucson Raised Garden Beds


WE Deliver Quality Soil

pecially formulated, our garden planting blend is a mix of 70% native compost 15% sandy topsoil 15% Marana Silt Sand.


Our GPB is an excellent medium for general planting. It is a good base mix for gardens and raised beds, and topdressing around trees and shrubs. GPB also makes an excellent vegetable garden soil by mixing in a couple of bags of peat moss to aerate and an organic manure to boost nutrition.

Native Compost,  the primary ingredient in our GPB, is recycled organic plant material including grass, leaves, bark, sawdust, and shrub trimmings. It hot composted for 9 - 12 months before use. Gypsum is added to improve heavy soil structure, help break up caliche, remove sodium from saline soils, and act as a general soil conditioner. It provides the correct balance of nutrition, organic matter, and particularly active bacteria that are vital to soil nutrition.

From the banks of the Pantano and Santa Cruz, a sandy topsoil and silt sand is added to the blend to assist with drainage, and provide a stable base for the root structures to grow into.



Garden Planting Blend makes an excellent base in which trees and shrubs can grow. GPB retains moisture and provides the nutrients that are essential to growing plants. The loose compaction of the mix allows the roots of newly planted trees and shrubs to expand with minimal resistance, allowing for trees and shrubs to develop a strong initial root structure. GPB is also a wonderful base mix for raised bed gardens. The sandy topsoil and silt sand in GPB give garden plants something to grow into while the native compost provides excellent nutrition. GPB is perfect for filling a raised bed and starting a new garden. Supplemental additions of peat moss and organic manure provide GPB with the boosted growing power that is perfect for vegetable gardens.